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An engineer is an individual with technical proficiency in the usage of mathematics and science in fields such as design, construction, technology, mechanics or medicine. They are highly skilled individuals that have relevant qualifications to back their skillset.

The .engineer extension allows engineers, companies in the engineering field and engineering groups to have a distinct online brand presence which they can use to showcase their skills, research and share more information about the field they’re working in.


.ENGINEER is a great option for individuals building an online hub for their engineering careers, or for firms and organizations that want to brand their online efforts with a domain name that’s specific and memorable.


There are many different types of engineers – computer software engineers, aerospace engineers, biomedical engineers, and more – and .ENGINEER offers an online hub for all engineering professions.

.ENGINEER provides a career-specific domain extension to support the engineering field and can be used for posting jobs, blogging about degree requirements or prerequisites, creating technology forums specific to certain branches, or discussing the field as a whole.

Build your engineering career with .engineer

  • For engineers creating portfolio or “About Me” websites, there’s great availability for firstnamelastname.engineer domain names—much more so than firstnamelastname.com.
  • Instead of building a site from scratch, you could forward your .ENGINEER domain name to your LinkedIn profile, or to a profile on an engineer-specific website.
  • .ENGINEER domain names could also be useful to colleges and universities, engineering societies and networks, and any other entity involved in engineering.

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