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Having the .BEER domain name will distinguish your website as specifically related to the world of Beer online. Now, your beer related website can have domain address that is descriptive and relevant to your craft, occupation and interest. The opening of the new .BEER Domain will bring a multitude of opportunities for personal and professional branding, online identity and provide a new platform for engagement with your target audience.

Opportunities and Benefits With .BEER

Bigger Selection, Better Branding

beerIt’s tough to find a good name with .com anymore. Most everything good has already been taken. But  .BEER creates a multitude of new website address options that are eye-catching, short and memorable ! It will be easy to find a .BEER domain that looks great- in a browser, on a business card, or billboard ! No longer confined to meaningless extensions like ‘.com’, or ‘.net’, millions of new web addresses ending with .BEER will be possible.   New .BEER domain names will resonate with your target market, making you stand apart. With a .BEER domain you can find a more suitable and affordable website address that describe who you are and speaks to your audience.

Attraction, Loyalty and Trust

Potential visitors to your website are searching for beer related information. When they see your web address ending with .BEER they will be able to instantly know that it relates to their interest. This will likely increase the possibility users will click to your site from a search result. Consumers will be assured that a website ending with .BEER is related to their needs. Because your .BEER domain addresses their unique desire, users that share your affinity will more likely visit and stay with you. That’s good for traffic, good for business. You can even get a personal .BEER Email Address YourName@YourSite.BEER !   What a great new way to communicate and engage with your audience.

Uses for .BEER

This unique, industry-specific top level domain will be perfect for any business involved in making, selling, promoting, or serving this popular alcoholic beverage. Ideal candidates would include:

  • Breweries
  • Specialty beer shops
  • Pubs or bars
  • Keg sales and rentals
  • Beer publications
  • Beer events or festivals
  • Hop growers (including associations)
  • Beer Review Sites
  • Beer Buying Guides
  • Home Brewing Sites
  • Manufacturers or suppliers of brewing – equipment

.Advantages of having a .BEER Domain Name

When you consider the potential marketing power of a great domain name, having a prestigious top level domain that instantly connects you to your industry is very valuable. For example, if the Smith brothers have a brewery under their name, consider the impact of SmithBrothers.beer when compared to SmithBrothers.com. The .BEER Domain Name automatically enhances both company branding and credibility. This is important when it comes to reaching your target market. They’ll be much more likely to click on your URL when they see .BEER. Although no one knows for sure just yet, it is possible that websites with a .BEER Domain Name will gain higher rankings in the search engines than competitors with similar sites who are still using a more generic Domain Name. This would be a significant benefit because it will ultimately lead to more customers, as more people are able to find your business online. And that, of course, means more revenue for your business.
And that would definitely call for a toast!

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