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Add some masculinity to your site: .men

If you’re a guy’s guy, .MEN is the domain name for you. Companies can create a section of their website solely for men’s products, and other companies who want to appeal to men can also take advantage of the domain. But .MEN is not just for the gentlemen out there—it can be used to create creative domains too.

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.MEN isn’t for male-exclusive companies only. Businesses serving both males and females can use .MEN to divide products for men from those targeted at women. menThis makes it easier for customers browsing for specific products for themselves or a loved one. Instead of spending hours scouring the Internet for the right, they can find everything in one spot.

The blogosphere is comprised of a diverse array of interests from technology to cars and everything in between. Bloggers focusing on content for men can reach their audience easily with a .MEN domain name.


If you want to gain a male audience, register a .MEN extension today.

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