.ORG is one of most popular domain name extensions today and while .ORG has successfully positioned itself as a Generic extension, many of know that its origins were in the realm of not-for-profit organizations. Public Interest Registry (PIR), the registry behind .ORG has recently launched 2 new TLDs – .NGO and .ONG – intended exclusively for not-for-profit purposes, complete with a smooth but thorough verification process that enhances its credibility !

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ngo & ong

For the very first time, our new domain extensions can help identify and distinguish your Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) as a validated organisation within the crowded digital world. .ngo and .ong will be exclusively available to the NGO community, requiring validation for local, national and global NGOs like yours who are looking to advance their missions.

.NGO is the truncated form of Non-Governmental Organization and .ONG means the same in the Romance languages like French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. While .ONG implies the same meaning, the acronym ‘ONG’ witnesses greater prevalence in many parts of the world. The idea behind 2 different names is to offer the domain extension in the preferred and more relatable language.

Here’s what .NGO and .ONG offer you:

  •  TRUST: Only legally recognized NGOs, ONGs, charities and other non profits can register .NGO and .ONG. Hence, a name with suffix ‘.NGO’ or ‘.ONG’ goes through a validation process and a significant amount of credibility is attached to it
  • GLOBAL REACH: It offers global reach as .ngo is offered with .ong as a package; by registering one of the two, you also reserve the same name in the other
  • CONNECTIONS: When you register your NGO or ONG, you get added to the OnGood Global Directory which is the Internet’s larder to the largest database of legally recognized and validated NGOs and ONGs worldwide, thus bringing you closer to other organizations and fading the boundaries to helping online internationally

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