.VOTE and .VOTO Web Domains

Dedicated space for governments, candidates & others to engage voters !

“dot VOTE” or .VOTE; and its Spanish/Italian/Portuguese counterpart “dot VOTO” or .VOTO. .VOTE and .VOTO are designed to help governments, candidates and organizations get information to voters such as candidate materials or voter registration information.

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Today, voters are confused and frustrated by the tidal wave of negative and misleading information characteristic of current elections anywhere in the world. Web site names can be registered and used by anyone for any purpose, resulting in a torrent of false and often deceptive messages targeting every voter group. Where can voters turn?


.VOTE and .VOTO are new web addresses designed for participants in the democratic process who need to provide information on their issues/candidacy to voters. As the names imply, .VOTE and .VOTO are dedicated to voter-focused, politically oriented information. Registrants must be able to demonstrate a nexus between their political activities and the name they are using. And they are prohibited from using names that are deceitful or disparaging. As a result, VOTE/.VOTO addresses will be respected as THE space dedicated to politically oriented information.

The new .VOTE and .VOTO top-level domains now make it easy to get a memorable name that voters will know comes from you. And, we’ve built in safeguards to help ensure .VOTE/.VOTO names are neither misleading nor deceptive.

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