The .CASA domain extension will help architects, designers, builders, chefs or entertainers to showcase their products and services on the web. As a new web address alternative, this top-level domain will attract a variety of website owners who wish to create content or communicate about things related to homes and and houses. It’s also targeted at the real estate market and the home furnishings⁄home décor market. Register your interest in the .CASA web address for your website, blog, ecommerce website or home improvement community today!

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.CASA provides a great international online community hub for anyone who specializes in selling, buying, designing, building, or fixing up houses – in many languages. .CASA is perfect for professionals who have businesses geared toward the housing market, do-it-yourselfers who provide and ask for helpful tips online, and for bloggers who write about house building, décor, and upkeep.

The meaning of casa is house. It’s a word shared by both Spanish and Italian speakers. Roughly 21 sovereign states declare Spanish as their official language, totaling roughly 423 million people. In fact, casa just like house is becoming a word shared by other languages such as English. For this very reason, .CASA will be an international hub for buyers, builders, construction workers, buildings, and not to mention bloggers.

Home is Where MY .CASA Website is

Worldwide, consumers are constantly searching for ways to build our homes. Whether it involves rebuilding or décor, both topics are hot online trends. Apps such as Elle Décor, 3D Interior Room Design and HGTV to Go are very popular. For anyone who wants to engage the international scene, .CASA is the gateway.

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