.club is a new domain made for clubs of all kinds.  There’s never been a better time to be a part of a club. Now you can get the perfect yourname.club address – a URL that has meaning and marketing value… a URL that immediately tells the world you are about people sharing a common interest, whatever that passion may be.

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CLUB” adds valuable meaning to literally any word. It has a global reach because it carries the same spelling and meaning throughout the world. Here’s what makes

.CLUB a great domain extension to watch out for:

  • .CLUB is the ultimate social domain name, making it easy for anyone and everyone to bring people together around common interests and passions – and own the perfect domain for their community.
  • .CLUB has done some fantastic marketing and has managed to get marquee sites and fan pages such as Virat Kohli, 50 cent etc. on board.
  • .CLUB is a New gTLD which has the least number of parked pages which goes to show the reach and popularity of the TLD over the past one year
  • .CLUB as a registry is involved with a host of public events, conferences etc targeted at entrepreneurs, start-ups, thought leaders etc. continually enhancing their brand value and visibility quotient
  • Every business needs a .CLUB – for loyalty programs, membership organizations, networking opportunities and a lot more!
  • “CLUB” is not like any other “generic” string – it brings immediately recognizable meaning and marketing value to any name to the left of the dot.

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