The introduction of the .GREEN domain will create an online world for those dedicated to growing sustainable practices. This world includes businesses, non-profits, communities and individuals all over the globe. Through the launch of .GREEN, the environmental movement will gain greater legitimacy, which will help the movement grow and reach new communities.


The brand new .GREEN extension will create a positive, open and accessible community for everyone concerned about Earth’s future. Global in reach, the .GREEN domain creates a place where environmentalists, humanitarians and concerned cities can unite over their passion for the planet.

The importance of environmental sustainability has moved rapidly from being a novel idea to becoming an almost universal concern. The new .GREEN domain represents a new opportunity for everyone concerned about the environment. Green businesses, organic farmers, governments, non-profits, and NGOs of all kinds will find a new platform for communication and development with the .GREEN domain.

Do Business with the .GREEN Extension
Even very large businesses are on board these days, with companies like Wal*Mart and Amazon their logistics and trucking plans to minimize carbon dioxide emissions, and Bank of America nudging its customers toward online banking to reduce paper usage. With that level of interest and investment, businesses and customers alike have a significant incentive to develop a .GREEN presence.

Get Your Desired Domain Name


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A new .green domain name and website gives you the opportunity to showcase your green as part of the global progress.

  • Be an Innovator, impress your customers and your competition.
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  • Be Social – share, educate, and showcase to everyone your “Green”

A .green domain name seamlessly brands your company and connects it with the Green Economy.

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