.News Domain Name

Be you, be credible and be one of the first to get a new .NEWS domain name.

Take your expertise and win the Internet by leading the online conversation. Turns out .NEWS isn’t only for news organizations. If you own a company, a .NEWS domain helps you cut through the noise. It’s the web address for those who’ve found their place online and want the world to know they’re a legitimate source for information.

Get Your Desired Domain Name

“Create your Online Identity in Minutes”

It’s for the investigative journalist, the Internet observer, the modern Mark Twain worried we’re all swirling into an anti-intellectual tailspin. Your .NEWS domains work for the podcaster bursting with knowledge, those capturing a global audience, and those who are dedicated to their local community.


Cut through the noise with a domain name that builds authority
and provides your readers with the information they need.

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner or Public Relations director, dot news lets the world know you’ve got fresh, timely information to share.

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