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“Rehab,” short for rehabilitation, is used in a variety of medical and nonmedical contexts to describe an effort to recuperate, adjust, renew, or focus on self-betterment. For the millions of people and organizations around the world who identify with this generic term, .REHAB provides a market-specific niche TLD that can be molded to shape any purpose.

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The .REHAB domain name can refer to any form of rehabilitation, whether it’s a substance abuse treatment center, physical therapy, or improving blighted neighborhoods. rehabHowever you define “rehab,” the .REHAB domain name offers a unique and memorable destination for your rehab-related website.

.rehab is an instantly recognizable web address made for physical therapists, treatment centers and those who study or share their stories of recovery on blogs and forums.

.REHAB is perfect for physical therapist, drug rehabilitation centers, those who write about the best rehab practices, and recovery blogs and forums.

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