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.SURF is an open registry, and as such “surf” can be defined a multitude of ways in order to encompass all definitions of the word.

From surfing the net, television, or radio, to surfing as a sport, .SURF is a TLD meant for all applications. .SURF is perfect for any person or organization in the media, communications, or sporting industry looking for a market-specific domain name that also incorporates a heavily searched and easily recognized buzzword.

A different sort of web surfing: .surf

A different sort of web surfing: .surf

.SURF is ideal for surfing gear manufacturers, retailers, clubs, and any other group or individual with a passion for the sport. It instantly connects with surf gear customers or your fellow surfing enthusiasts.

There are no restrictions on .SURF domain names, so anyone can register, and the domain can be used for any purpose.

.SURF domains to think about:

  • yourname.SURF
  • virtualtours.SURF
  • web.SURF
  • learn2.SURF
  • yourcompany.SURF
  • weatherreports.SURF
  • history.SURF
  • spot.SURF

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