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A gorgeous website to house your digital portfolio is a crucial asset for any designer, especially if you freelance. Rather than relying on social networking sites to showcase your work, building your own website establishes your professional online presence and helps you attract new clients.

A .design domain name is an ideal approach to make your online portfolio stand out from the crowd: it’s memorable, descriptive, and boosts your branding and SEO.

Customize your online presence with a .design domain

“Create your Online Identity in Minutes”

A website has a higher level of professionalism than a social media profile.


First impressions are critical in business. More remarkable than posts on a timeline is a completely constructed website that showcases all of your creative skills.

Designer-specific social media platforms, such as Behance and Dribbble, are excellent networking tools. They should be a part of your digital strategy, but they aren’t sufficient on their own. You need your own website to elevate your professional brand as a designer.

Consider all of your social media accounts as a funnel to direct traffic to your .design website, which will be just as slick as your link-in-bio!

.design will improve Your Branding

Unlike social media networks, having your own website allows you complete creative control over your brand’s appearance and feel.

A website allows you to finely manage the pacing of your visitors’ experience rather than piling items in a decontextualized chronology. This is why, when it comes to explaining why your manner of doing things is special and unique, a website is preferable to social profiles!

Additionally, by using a cutting-edge domain name like .design, you’ll demonstrate to potential clients that you’re on the cutting edge of technology.

Remember to include a call-to-action on your website to encourage visitors to contact you – preferably through your .design email address!

.design connects you to the international design community.

A .design domain helps establish your authority and validity in the realm of design because it is already used by so many renowned design experts and design-driven organizations, such as Spotify, AirBnB, Adobe, and Slack.

Anyone can easily sign up for a free social media account, but creating a digital home for your work on a .design domain demonstrates your dedication to your trade.

SEO Will Aid In The Attraction Of Customers To Your Website

Having your own website allows you to leverage Google Search Console and Google Analytics to increase your visibility to potential clients. Advertising through Google will also help increase traffic to your website. Naturally, the internet is filled with information to help you learn about SEO and make the most of this important lead-generation tactic.

You are vulnerable if you rely on other platforms.

The day Facebook came to a halt was Monday, October 4, 2021. In countries like India and Brazil, where the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has a near-monopoly on both messaging and payment processing, the situation was particularly severe. Large and small businesses, as well as government agencies, were cut off from their principal means of communication and commerce.

Aside from potential outages, the ongoing evolution of tech platforms implies that they will inevitably make changes to their products that will disrupt the way you do business. The best approach to ensure that your content is provided consistently and dependably is to create your own website, because…

You Will Always Have Control Over Your Own Website. 

The recent global outage of Facebook’s products isn’t the only recent example of the risks of conducting business through a third-party platform. Remember the uproar when OnlyFans announced it would no longer allow explicit content on their site?

Despite the fact that the unpopular proposal was eventually dropped, the announcement sent shockwaves through the OnlyFans creator community, with many of them facing the potential of losing their entire income source overnight.

The moral of the story is that you should not put all of your eggs in one basket. Any platform can make unanticipated modifications that may hinder your capacity to communicate with your consumers. It’s always wise to diversify your assets, because if you rely only on one provider or resource, its absence could have drastic consequences.

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