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Flexible Food Ordering Experience

Boost Sales with Promotional Offers

Track Sales with In-depth Analytics

Multi-Store and Revenue Sharing

Food Business Solution that Convert

Power Up your Food Business

Food Ordering Pickup/Delivery Schedule

Customers can choose pickup or delivery options. Set custom order and delivery timing or showcase your food delivery and pickup time.

Discount Options on Food Menu

Add flat or percentage discount on specific food or category. The app calculates discounts during checkout calculation for the food items.

Customizable Mini Cart and Quantity Picker

Customize mini cart design and add it to each page. Customers can directly adjust product quantity with a quantity picker straight from the cart.

Live Order Notification with Sound and Tag

New orders will highlight the ordered list. A beep sound and a pop-up will be displayed on your screen for each new order placed on the website.

Multiple Product Addon

Increase sales by giving customers multiple options to choose from as addons with their order.

Menu Of The Day

Show the best-selling food items under a dedicated menu to the customers. Let your customers know what other people are liking. Offer a better experience and get extra sales.

Location-Based Food Menu

Create a custom food menu based on your restaurant location. You can set different menus and set food availability for different branch locations.

Both Percentage and Flat Tip Option

Allow customers to give tip during the order placement. Both percentage tip and flat tip options are available for setting on the website.

Single/Multiple Slot Reservation Schedule

Set single/multiple slots, early or late late booking. You can even create exceptional schedules and select minimum/maximum guests size for early booking.

Holiday Special Reservation Schedule

Set a special holiday schedule and manage holiday sales smoothly. Avoid conflict with the regular schedule of your restaurants. Easy for both restaurant customers and owners

Food With Reservation

Customers can pick food items while placing a restaurant reservation. The feature is time savings for both customers and restaurant owners.

Branch-wise Seat Capacity & Reservation

Set maximum seat capacity and automate reservation booking according to seat limits. Create separate limits for guest reservations at different branches.
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