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Since 2010, Google’s amazing work transformation products have evolved alongside 24×7 Central Services. We’ve seen what they can achieve in businesses of all sizes and shapes to promote rapid, flexible, and fluid collaboration. Many firms have seen “work” evolve from a physical “location” to a mix of human interaction, organization, and communication through Google Docs, Drive, Meet, and Gmail. The recent global epidemic has expedited the need for this work transformation and underlined the importance of time and attention more than ever as the lines between home, work, and school blur.

Leverage the power of Google’s machine intelligence to build a smarter team

Google’s collaborative technologies, such as Drive, Docs, Chat, Gmail, and Meet, have been around for a long time, allowing billions of people to work and interact from anywhere. Instead of resting on their laurels in 2020, Google has opted to double down on the development of work by combining everything into one seamless work experience with Google Workspace. Workspace restores balance and harmony to work that had previously been too much, too quick, and too dispersed. We at 24×7 Central Services are ecstatic about this news and happy to be a part of this most major advancement in Google’s work transformation tools.

Google Workspace combines a group of already fantastic products and elevates them to new heights, focusing on seamless integration and ease-of-use in the age of work-from-anywhere. Workspace accomplishes this by bringing everything together in a balanced and practical manner. We have more information, diversions, priorities, and apps than ever before at home, at work, and in the classroom. Furthermore, we are operating from more locations than ever before. This isn’t a passing fad; the majority of corporate employees around the world are expected to work remotely long after the pandemic is over.

Workspace is the result of Google’s desire to assist.

If you have any doubts about Google’s ability to bring your company together in 2020 and beyond, Google Workspace should dispel them. So, what exactly are you waiting for?

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