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24×7 Central Services is proud to offer registration services for .live domain names, which have been classified as Arts Entertainment domains.

Promote your brand and live for the moment with .LIVE domain.

If you are in the moment, you are right here, right now, nowhere else… you are .LIVE.

A .live domain extension is the perfect marketing tool for anyone that delivers in-the-moment experiences, including broadcasters of live video, media companies, entertainment venues and even the entrepreneur that reviews gigs and festivals.

Stay fresh with .LIVE

 A .LIVE domain is perfect for these customers

Fitness Studios: In times of the pandemic- yoga, dance, and gym studios are going online to cater to their customers. A .LIVE extension can be perfect for these websites!

MUSICIANS AND ENTERTAINERS: Live streams by magicians, bands, and even solo singers are the new normal. .LIVE can be the ideal extension for seasoned as well as budding artists to take their talent online!

NEWS SITES: .LIVE conveys a sense of urgency and real-time information- making it a distinguished extension for news websites with live videos and constant news updates for their viewers.

INFLUENCERS WITH VLOGS: The Influencers community often features live vlogs, chats, and demos. A .LIVE website will be just the right choice for them to display old content and stream fresh content. 

It is time for your customers to go .LIVE!

Why? With the booming trend of live videos and live streaming, now is the time for businesses as well as individuals to choose the .LIVE branding for their websites

Nothing beats the experience of seeing it .LIVE

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