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7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Website Rather Than Just Social Profiles

A gorgeous website to house your digital portfolio is a crucial asset for any designer, especially if you freelance. Rather than relying on social networking sites to showcase your work, building your own website establishes your professional online presence and helps you attract new clients.

A .design domain name is an ideal approach to make your online portfolio stand out from the crowd: it’s memorable, descriptive, and boosts your branding and SEO.

Customize your online presence with a .design domain

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A website has a higher level of professionalism than a social media profile.


First impressions are critical in business. More remarkable than posts on a timeline is a completely constructed website that showcases all of your creative skills.

Designer-specific social media platforms, such as Behance and Dribbble, are excellent networking tools. They should be a part of your digital strategy, but they aren’t sufficient on their own. You need your own website to elevate your professional brand as a designer.

Consider all of your social media accounts as a funnel to direct traffic to your .design website, which will be just as slick as your link-in-bio!

.design will improve Your Branding

Unlike social media networks, having your own website allows you complete creative control over your brand’s appearance and feel.

A website allows you to finely manage the pacing of your visitors’ experience rather than piling items in a decontextualized chronology. This is why, when it comes to explaining why your manner of doing things is special and unique, a website is preferable to social profiles!

Additionally, by using a cutting-edge domain name like .design, you’ll demonstrate to potential clients that you’re on the cutting edge of technology.

Remember to include a call-to-action on your website to encourage visitors to contact you – preferably through your .design email address!

.design connects you to the international design community.

A .design domain helps establish your authority and validity in the realm of design because it is already used by so many renowned design experts and design-driven organizations, such as Spotify, AirBnB, Adobe, and Slack.

Anyone can easily sign up for a free social media account, but creating a digital home for your work on a .design domain demonstrates your dedication to your trade.

SEO Will Aid In The Attraction Of Customers To Your Website

Having your own website allows you to leverage Google Search Console and Google Analytics to increase your visibility to potential clients. Advertising through Google will also help increase traffic to your website. Naturally, the internet is filled with information to help you learn about SEO and make the most of this important lead-generation tactic.

You are vulnerable if you rely on other platforms.

The day Facebook came to a halt was Monday, October 4, 2021. In countries like India and Brazil, where the Facebook-owned WhatsApp has a near-monopoly on both messaging and payment processing, the situation was particularly severe. Large and small businesses, as well as government agencies, were cut off from their principal means of communication and commerce.

Aside from potential outages, the ongoing evolution of tech platforms implies that they will inevitably make changes to their products that will disrupt the way you do business. The best approach to ensure that your content is provided consistently and dependably is to create your own website, because…

You Will Always Have Control Over Your Own Website. 

The recent global outage of Facebook’s products isn’t the only recent example of the risks of conducting business through a third-party platform. Remember the uproar when OnlyFans announced it would no longer allow explicit content on their site?

Despite the fact that the unpopular proposal was eventually dropped, the announcement sent shockwaves through the OnlyFans creator community, with many of them facing the potential of losing their entire income source overnight.

The moral of the story is that you should not put all of your eggs in one basket. Any platform can make unanticipated modifications that may hinder your capacity to communicate with your consumers. It’s always wise to diversify your assets, because if you rely only on one provider or resource, its absence could have drastic consequences.

Getting Your Business Noticed

Promotional and marketing tactics are critical for small and medium-sized organisations. For the best outcomes, business promotion is an active activity that must be carefully monitored. You can make the most of the manpower you have by devising methods to promote and grow your company.

Marketing and promotional techniques go together. Various components of manufacturing, advertising, and selling products to clients will all be included in marketing your brand or product. The benefits of your product or service must be communicated to customers, and promotion is an important part of that process. Long-term success, more customers, and profitability are all ensured by well-designed marketing and promotional initiatives.

Role of Promotions


Promotion is your company’s voice, speaking loudly and clearly to the public about your brand. To market your firm and brand, you can use a variety of media platforms. Television, radio, retail locations, billboards, periodicals, and social media are among them.

Various promotional strategies can be used to promote and market your business depending on the goals, objectives and priorities of your company.

Your brand or service would not be able to get the attention of preoccupied customers without marketing promotions.


Promoting your brand will benefit you in a variety of ways:

  • Boost brand recognition
  • Increase customer traffic, sales, and profitability by providing relevant information.
  • Not only that, but promotions will make it easier for your organisation to promote new items in an increasingly competitive industry.

Boost brand recognition

Brand awareness is aided by promotions. You can disseminate information about your brand and company via various media such as television, billboards, radio, or local newspaper news, allowing people to learn more about you, investigate your products, and make purchases.

Identifying the segments

Your promotional and marketing approach may not be successful in reaching the “proper” audiences if it is not well-structured. A well-thought-out promotional strategy and marketing plan can assist you in identifying distinct sectors of the market and providing appropriate solutions for your clients.

Customer traffic will increase

Increased client traffic is also aided by promotion. The more you advertise your brand, the more clients will be aware of you and your firm, and the more interested they will be in your items. Giving away free samples, for example, is a great way to promote your business. They trial your stuff and eventually come to you to buy it.

While promotional methods are critical, marketers and businesses must also consider a few other parts of their marketing mix plan. Businesses must employ the appropriate media instrument to reach out to their customers. When social media is the most successful instrument on the internet these days, promotional techniques must go beyond radio, television, and print.

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Business Directory

Directory websites are very popular and for good reason. With a few mouse clicks, we can find a restaurant, find all of the movie theatres in our neighborhood, find a vehicle repair or a plumber, or any other type of service provider or attraction.

A directory website is essentially a collection of links organized by themes, categories, and regions of interest. They can specialize in a narrow specialization, such as a listing of all auto repair businesses in your area, or they can cover a large niche or even many niches, such as tourism attractions in your town. You can even utilize them if you’re in a specific industry, like real estate or vehicle sales.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to set up a directory website. In fact, launching a directory website is quite simple. We’ll walk you through the steps to make a directory website in today’s article, no matter how generic or specific your topic is.

Why Should You Create a Directory Website?

Almost everyone in today’s economy is seeking a method to supplement their income. Some are even thinking of quitting their day job and starting their own online business. An online directory website might be a great way to make money.


Running a directory website does not require a large initial investment, and it is a viable business strategy that may be monetized in a variety of ways, including:

  • Paid Listings: The most frequent method of monetization is to charge business owners for submitting their company to your directory. You can provide a variety of price plans, each with its own set of advantages.
  • Featured Listings: You may increase the number of paid listings by offering listing owners the opportunity to appear in prominent locations on your website, which tend to attract more visitors.
  • Membership Fees: This monetization approach is similar to the ones above, but instead of charging for a single listing over a set period of time, you may charge them a monthly or annual fee to allow them to display all of their listings on your website.
  • Advertisements: You can sell ad space on your website and allow banners, text, and video adverts to be put at precise locations.

Directory Websites are Versatile

People trying to start a business aren’t the only ones who use directory websites. A directory website can be used to construct a company intranet for existing organizations. It may be used to keep track of all your employees and improve teamwork, as well as to keep track of all significant corporate events and news so that your employees are always informed.

What Type of Directory Website Can You Build?

The possibilities are endless with a directory website. You can make your directory as broad or as specific as you want, as long as it is about something that people would find useful and that interests you.

Here are some examples of the various types of directories you can create.

  • Website Directories:  This sort of directory functions similarly to company directories, with the exception that the concentration is on websites. You can include them in the same way that businesses are listed, but you can also establish a directory of different types of blogs, scientific websites, educational websites, and so on. Your imagination is your only limit, and with a little thought, you can come up with some really fascinating directories.
  • Business Directories: The focus here is on various industries such as lawyers, vehicle repair shops, plumbers, computer repair shops, and so on, as the name implies. These could be exclusively focused on your locality. You might also explore expanding your website to cover nearby states or counties if you’ve established a large amount of traffic.
  • Coupon or Daily Deals Directories: These directories have recently become more popular, and they typically offer coupons for specific retailers, daily specials, and even price comparisons. They may even have ecommerce features in some circumstances.
  • Real Estate Agents or Vehicle Dealerships: If you sell real estate or vehicles, you may establish a directory of all of your inventory to make it easier for potential customers to find their next home or vehicle.
  • Job Boards:  It’s never easy to get a job, and most job board websites have a fairly broad emphasis. Make it your own by creating a job board for your city or a job board for a certain industry.

What Should Your Directory Website Include?

business directory search

Whatever style of directory website you choose to build, there are a few key elements to include to make it more interesting to both visitors and people who want to submit their own listings.

1. Focus On Quality

It goes without saying that the quality of your directory website’s listings should take precedence over quantity. While you may be tempted to allow anyone to submit a listing in order to increase your profit, keep in mind that people use directory websites in order to get accurate and quality information.

If your website allows visitors to leave evaluations, you don’t want to end up with a website that just highlights bad service providers or questionable listings. It could seriously hurt your credibility and leave the impression you’re only in it for the money. It’s worth spending a few extra minutes to verify the submitted listing and deciding on whether or not you should include it on your website.

2. Search and Filter Options

Because directory websites typically contain a lot of information, it’s essential to provide search capability so that users can quickly find a certain entry. If you go a step further and offer the ability to search by region, industry, or category, you’ll make your website even more user-friendly for visitors looking for a specific service provider or business quickly.

3. Front-End Submission Form

Most directory websites feature a submission form, allowing any business owner who wants to submit their own listing to do so quickly and conveniently. After all, it would be ridiculous to expect you to know everything there is to know about every business in your neighborhood.

The appeal of owning your own directory websites is that it reduces your workload and allows you to monetize your website by allowing business owners to submit their own listings.

4. Integration With a Payment Processor

Your website’s ability to integrate with payment processors is the final but not least significant aspect. This will ensure that payments are completed on time, and in many circumstances, it will eliminate the need to personally remind clients that their invoice is due. With a payment gateway integration, the task to collect money becomes simple.

Launch Your Own Directory Website!

There are many different types of directory websites. We can make it easier to create your own directory with our professional business directory program. Use this unique niche to develop a second source of income or to start your first internet business.

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Importance of promotional and marketing strategies

The value of advertising and marketing campaigns really needs to be recognized by small and medium-sized enterprises. Company marketing is an aggressive method that needs to be scrutinized very carefully to achieve the best results. To promote your business and let it thrive, you should use the manpower that you have to the fullest and come up with strategies.

Promotional strategies and marketing go hand in hand.

Marketing your brand or product will include different aspects of manufacturing, promoting and selling products to the customers.

Promotion is a crucial component of supplying consumers with the advantages of your product or service. Well-designed strategies for marketing and promotion ensure long-term sustainability, draw in more consumers and ensure company profitability.

Various promotional strategies can be used to promote and market your business depending on the goals, objectives and priorities of your company.

Role of Promotions

Promotion is the voice of your business that sends out the message of your brand to the audience loud and clear. In order to promote your business and brand, various media channels may be used. TV, radio, retail channels, billboards, magazines, and social media comprise them.

Depending on your company’s objectives, goals and priorities, different promotional strategies can be used to promote and market your business.

Your brand or service will not be able to garner the interest of pre-occupied consumers without marketing promotions.


Promoting your brand will help you in many different ways:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide appropriate information
  • Increase Customer Traffic
  • Build sales and profits

Not only these but promotions will also help your company to introduce products easily in the ever-so-competitive market.

Increasing brand awareness

Promotions assist in building awareness of the brand. You can spread awareness about your brand and business through different media, such as television, billboards, radio or local newspaper news, which lets consumers find out more about you and look into your goods and make purchases.

Segment Identification 

If the marketing and promotional approach is poorly organized, it can not be effective at attracting the “right” audiences. Having a fully-proof and well-thought-out promotional strategy and marketing plan will help you recognize various target segments of customers and give your customers relevant solutions.

Increasing customer traffic

Promotion tends to boost consumer traffic as well. The more you advertise your brand, the more customers will know about you and your company, and the more interested they will be in your products. Even by giving out free samples that work wonders for clients, promotion can be achieved! Ultimately, they try your goods and come to you to make purchases.

While promotional campaigns are very effective, a few aspects of their marketing mix strategy must be taken into account by marketers and businesses. It is important that companies make use of the right media tool to reach their clients. Promotional tactics need to reach beyond radio, television and print these days, as social media is the most powerful tool on the online network.

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.ORG Domains – Time to Get ORGanized !

24×7 Central Services is proud to offer registration services for .ORG domain names, which is one of the original top-level domains (TLDs).

People expect to find you in the .org community

.org domain name helps you become a well-established brand of trust and integrity.
Time to Get ORGanized

Why choose a .ORG domain?

  • Build trust:
    Because of its heritage built on trust, .ORG is the domain people most commonly associate with organizations, companies, groups, and individuals dedicated to making the world a better place.
  • Provide reliable and dependable information:
    .ORG websites are perceived as containing valuable, unbiased, and accurate information that helps people understand important issues. Some examples of popular .ORG websites include: Wikipedia.org, Archive.org, Cambridge.org, and NPR.org. If the goal of your website is to provide educational content or build a community forum, a .ORG domain can be seen as a reputable foundation for more factual sources of information.
  • Generate goodwill:
    Because .ORG has been leveraged historically by those who have aligned themselves with doing good, .ORG websites are viewed in that same light. A .ORG domain lets your audience know that you are a force of good in the universe.
  • Improve fundraising, engagement, and support:
    Organizations of all kinds leverage .ORG to improve fundraising, increase participation and engagement from their audiences, and raise awareness and support of their goals. The .ORG domain extension can help you develop a community ready to rally around your objectives and achieve your goals.

Why Choose a .ORG Domain?

You can build an extra level of trust into your web address and online brand when you get a .org domain. Originally planned for non-profits, the .org extension is one of the original top-level domains (TLDs). Now open for anyone around the world, this long-established domain is commonly used by organizations looking to make a positive difference.

When you buy a .org domain, you can start making your own mark faster.

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